Cyber Security Contracts

Cyber security awareness is not just expanding in the UK and Republic of Ireland – the sector continues to grow on a global scale every day.

After major cyber-attacks like WannaCry infiltrated large public sector organisations such as the NHS, governments worldwide are investing in their cyber security strategy.

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Why is the UK government investing in cyber security?

The UK government is investing heavily into cyber security. The latest statistics from the Office of National Statistics indicate that a higher percentage of adults in the UK have experienced a computer misuse crime than have been affected by a violent crime, theft or robbery.

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Major Threat

In addition to this, the head of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has warned that a major cyber-attack on the UK is a matter of “when, not if.” According to the NCSC, if a “Category 1” cyber emergency were to happen in the UK, this could cause “sustained disruption of UK essential services.”


To avoid this and tackle the cyber security threats, the UK government is making heavy investments into several areas around cyber security.

Cyber Security breaches

Cyber-attacks have increased in frequency over the past few years with growing volumes of threats such as malware, data breaches and hacks.

Figures like those mentioned above have encouraged both public and private sector buyers to invest in their cyber security strategies and collaborate with experts in the field to get protection from threats.

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Cyber Security Tenders

Cyber security covers a variety of areas and public sector organisations rely on the support of suppliers to protect their internet-connected systems, hardware, software and data from cyber-attacks. If public sector organisations fail to have a security plan in place, they leave their organisation at risk of being hacked. This is extremely dangerous as hackers can access computer systems and misuse personal information and intelligence.

Cyber security tenders are released by public sector organisations to stop this from happening. They may seek tenders in areas including:

  • Cloud security
  • Network security
  • Critical infrastructure security
  • Application security
  • Internet of things (IoT) security
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Rise of cyber threats

The UK government revealed in its latest budget that it has plans to increase defence spending to enable the UK Armed Forces to face ever-changing threats, including “the rise in cyber-attacks.”

The WannaCry ransomware attack that occurred in 2018 cost the NHS £92 million and caused the cancellation of 19,000 appointment – a major blow to the UK public sector.

Since then the public and private sector have both faced similar cyber challenges. The Cyber Breaches Survey 2019 reports that 32% of UK businesses have identified cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months.

National Cyber Security Strategy

In 2019, the Cabinet Office released the “National Cyber Security Strategy 2016-2021 Progress Report.” This document states that, since the strategy launched three years ago “it has transformed the UK’s fight against cyber threats.”

Although significant improvements have been made since 2016, the Cabinet Office has stated that it still has a “huge task ahead” with regards to cyber security.

The report has revealed that the main focuses for the Cabinet Office moving forward are replacing “legacy IT systems, building and maintaining a sufficient skills base and truly embedding consistent standards and practices across government.”

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Cyber Essentials

It has been established from a recent survey that cyber-attacks are one of the “biggest risks” to UK businesses in 2019. Allianz Risk Barometer 2019 reported that 37% of UK risk experts state that cyber incidents are top business risks.

Suppliers working with the public sector must take action to protect themselves against cyber-attacks, especially if they are working within the cyber security and IT sectors.

Cyber Essentials is the minimum certification a bidding organisation needs to bid for new MOD contracts that include the transfer of ‘MOD identifiable information.’

Our partner, Cyber Essentials Online, offers a “fast track” option which gives businesses the chance to get certified within 2 business days.

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