Police Tenders

The government has increased police spending after some years of cuts to provide more resources for forces across the UK resulting in an influx of police tender opportunities. This investment aims to boost police efficiency so that forces can respond more effectively to ever-changing threats and organised crime.

To achieve success, police forces must work with third-party suppliers to procure the goods and services that they need daily.

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Police Procurement

Policing in the United Kingdom is sub-divided by region. In total there are 43 police forces across England and Wales. The British Transport Police and the police forces of Scotland and Northern Ireland are separate from this. During the last Budget announcement, Chancellor of the Exchequer Phillip Hammond MP noted that: “The government is taking further steps to ensure our Armed Forces and the police can respond to ever-changing threats and continue to protect our national security.”

Police spending

Police spending has continued to grow year on year… At the end of 2018, it was announced by the government that the police would get the largest funding increase since 2010; and in 2019, the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has promised to provide additional funding to recruit over 20,000 new police officers in the coming years.


The government’s investment into policing will create new police tender opportunities that suppliers can bid for.

This continued investment into UK policing will create new opportunities for suppliers that want to win police tender opportunities.

Contract Notice

When the police do decide to buy any goods, works or services, the force publishes a contract notice (or tender notice). Private sector organisations then bid for that contract.

Police Transformation Fund

Policing is changing as it must adapt to the demands of a digital world. There is opportunity for digital technology to transform policing and forces must work with experts in the technology sector to move forward. Digital transformation has created the need for projects such as “The Police Transformation Fund (PTF)” and the “Policing Vision 2025.”

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Police tender opportunities

Almost any business can win tender opportunities with the police. Police forces across the UK release tenders for all kinds of goods and services.

The Home Office has revealed that in recent years Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) have been “spending almost a quarter of their overall budgets on goods and services with third party suppliers.”

Police forces tender for a range of goods, not just specialist equipment like police helmets, shirts, and vehicles and services such as face-to-face language interpretation.

Police forces need a whole range of technological equipment to do their job successfully, as well as office supplies, cleaning services and mechanical support – the list goes on! This makes the police a potential customer businesses of all sizes in a variety of sectors.

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Counter terrorism policing

It has been estimated that funding for counter-terrorism policing will increase by £59 million this year to £816 million as the government seeks to “ensure that forces across the country are well equipped to work closely with our communities and keep citizens safe.”

Within “The United Kingdom’s Strategy for Countering Terrorism” it states that moving forward the government will “seek a more integrated relationship with the private sector” to protect the country from organised crime and terrorism.

This could lead to increased involvement from private security companies at crowded places and gig/performance venues; which is great news for those working in the security sector.

If you would like to learn more about counter terrorism tender opportunities, visit the Counter Terrorism section of our website.

Police Transformation Fund

The Police Transformation Fund (PTF) aims to “transform policing by investing in digitalisation, a diverse and flexible workforce and new capabilities to respond to changing crimes and threats.”

During the first phase of the PTF, 98 projects benefited from £223 million funding. The next steps of this project are to invest in the development of cyber security capability, back office ICT tools and collaboration on a forensics network.

Policing Vision 2025

This Policing Vision 2025 sets out the National Police Chiefs Council plan for policing over the next ten years. As part of this vision, the Council wants police forces to carry out more shared procurement exercises.

From a supplier side this is good news, as it means that suppliers will have the chance to win bigger lots and work with a bigger supply base. It also gives suppliers more time to spend on one bid rather than working on several police tender opportunities for the same type of goods, services or works.

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Find police tender opportunities

Supply2Defence can help businesses that new to procurement find police tender opportunities. Whether you are looking to sell your goods, works or services to police forces, we can help you find relevant tender opportunities that match your business. Simply outline the type of police contracts that you want to win, and our team will send you daily updates, straight to your inbox with details of tender opportunities – as soon as they become available. New Supply2Gov users can register for free MOD and blue light procurement tender alerts!

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