Supply2Win: SME training programme

Looking to WIN more with the public sector?

The UK public sector requires a vast range of goods, works and services, everything from pencils to buildings, all purchased via the public procurement process, so there is a good chance your business can enter this market. Taken together, the public sector is UK industry’s most valuable customer, spending in excess of £240bn annually.

The Government is committed to 33% by value of central government procurement spend being with SMEs by 2022, whether directly or through the supply chain. The Supply2Win SME online training programme is focused on equipping your organisation with the skills and knowledge you need to prepare for and develop new business opportunities with this high-value sector.

 With over 37 years of experience in public sector procurement, BiP Solutions has created the perfect combination of training courses designed to help you win more business with the public sector.

Supply2Win is a tailored training package developed specifically for our Supply2Gov and Supply2Defence customers. 

The courses are designed to provide you with a greater understanding of the procurement processes and a clearer vision of what buyers really want from a tender.

The courses break down some of the myths behind procurement, explain the issues in short bitesize pieces and give you the knowledge to be more successful in the public procurement marketplace.

Course 1: Understanding Public Procurement

The first step to success in tendering is having clear vision of what the processes and procedures actually mean.

When does low value become high value, what does restricted procedure mean, how do I get selected over others and how important is price, are just some of the questions that suppliers often ask about tendering.

This course will explain the different elements that make up the procurement process and give you clarity on the different steps and stages.

Learning objectives and benefits of attending:

Understand the Procurement Procedures and gain a clearer vision on the processes being used and what it means about the requirement.

Have clarity of the different stages of tendering and be more aware of what you need to do to comply at each stage

Gain the knowledge to be able to question buyers, by having a clearer understanding of the requirements and stages of the process.

Course 2: Reading the Documentation

Sometimes the documents that make up a tender exercise can be daunting.

In reality, they are merely a set of instructions and questions, but knowing how to read them is key to being successful.

Not everything that is important to the buyer will be clearly identified in the questions and knowing what to look for can be the difference between success and failure.

A mandatory requirement is non-negotiable, but functional requirements can be changed in some circumstances, as long as they don’t fundamentally change the outcome of the tender exercise.

Having an understanding of these key issues and what is and isn’t up for discussion can help shape your response and ensure you are able to offer the outcomes they desire.

Learning objectives and benefits of attending:

Learn to read the Selection Questionnaire and gain a clearer understanding of what the buyer expects to see in your response.

Understand the type of Specification you receive, which will help you in the development of your response.

Build a structured Bid/No-Bid process to save your organisation from chasing opportunities that may not be achievable

Course 3: A Guide to Successful Tendering

Successful bidders in public contracts often engage with buyers long before the tender documentation is written.

Early engagement can help to shape the procurement decisions taken and provide you with a greater chance of success.

Likewise, have a clear understanding of what the buyer really wants can help shape your response and position it ahead of others.

Social Value, for example, may be of high importance to some organisations, whereas environmental considerations are of higher standing for others.

This course will take a closer look at the key drivers that are of ever greater importance to contracting authorities and highlights the advantages of always keeping these in focus when bidding.

Learning objectives and benefits of attending:

Gain a better understanding of the Buyer and what they want to aid you in your response and ensure you increase your chances of success

Learn to build sustainability into your bids, by developing a clearer vision of the social, environmental and economic drivers behind procurement.

Know what to expect at the evaluation stage and what can and can’t be asked for and develop the skills to have the ability to know when to question the buyers actions.

Who should attend?

Any organisation looking to sell to the public sector can benefit from attending Supply2Win online courses.  Whether you need an initial introduction to public procurement, or more support on how to understand and bid for tenders, Supply2Win courses are designed with suppliers in mind. 

Benefits of attending

Each course is designed to get you ready to tender with the public sector. Our procurement expert, Eddie Regan, will provide you will the knowledge you need to ensure you’re equip to start winning more opportunities with the public sector.

  • Understand public sector procurement requirements 
  • Learn more about the technical processes and procedures used in public sector procurement 
  • Identify what makes a strong bid 
  • Improve your overall bid process