Defence Sector – How Winning Defence Contracts Can Expand Your Business

In 2022 the world military expenditure has surpassed £ 2 trillion euros!  Millions of dollars are spent on defense contracts every day. It is clear that the international and domestic market of the defense sector is a booming place for business. 

The federal government awards people or businesses with defense contracts. These contracts represent an agreement to provide goods or services connected to the defense industry.

National security is a top priority for the government and a top issue amongst constituents. This makes it an extremely profitable market. Keep reading to learn how to promote your business expansion by securing contracts in the defense sector. 

Review Different Procurement Opporuntinites 

The majority of UK defense procurement is regulated by national and local laws. National defense procurement happens either as a solo, multiple, or normal procurement. This process is similar to civilian procurement.

With solo procurement opportunities, one company can fulfill the procurement opportunity. In contrast, multiple-award contracts are much more common. These contracts involve companies getting single contracts but competing to complete individual tasks. 

A normal procurement is a split contract. This type of defense contract divides the tasks into simplified acquisitions. This allows different teams can play a role in fulfilling the overall mission. 

Search for Defense Sector Contracts

Open defense sector contracts are plentiful, you just need to know where to look. Every day new contracts are released. As a result, defense suppliers and researchers scramble to build out their proposals and organize their bids. 

In order to improve your business’ success, you need to learn to leverage all of the tools at your disposal. You should find defense sector contracts that are compatible with your business model. To locate government contracts that are available to bid on, you can search through a number of databases.

Contracts Finder

There are numerous databases that are used by organizations to locate contractors. Chief amongst this software is the United Kingdom’s Contracts Finder

Organizations use the “contracts finder” to sift through contracts valued at over £10,000. You can search through contracts in different sectors and look up the details from previous tenders to build your proposal. These low-to-medium dollar projects are a great way to get started in defense contracts. 

Companies can use the contract’s finder to locate small companies to collaborate with. Because this software is managed by the government it lets you look at upcoming projects and get information first-hand. 

Tender Service 

If you want to find higher-value contracts, you need to use the Tender Service to review different projects. This service allows you to look for projects valued at over £118,000. Contracts are listed on this platform daily and can help you get a jumpstart in developing your proposal. 

Leverage Subcontracting Opportunities 

A subcontract is a contract between a party and the original contractor being shared with a third party. During subcontracting a specific part of the work is allocated to a specialist. 

If your business is just starting off, you should look into subcontracting opportunities. Subcontracting is a great way to build your network and gain experience to pad your company’s project portfolio. Subcontractors can lean on other primary contractors’ reputations to bring in business.

Subcontractors help complete large projects and offer a high degree of specialization. Due to subcontractors’ specialized knowledge, they can increase productivity on a project. The additional workforce helps carry a project to completion. 

Build Out Your Network 

One of your primary business development techniques should be networking. In actuality, relationships are one of the best ways to grow your company’s success rate when it comes to bidding for contracts.

Networking promotes the exchange of ideas and feedback after placing a bid for a government contract. Constructive criticism and an open line of communication can help expand your opportunities.

Through networking, you can get fresh ideas and advance your career by accessing new information. This kind of collaboration can help to build confidence for companies just starting out. 

A great place to start networking for the defense sector is at trade shows. Not only can you learn more about different facets of the industry, but you can connect with industry leaders and build a robust network that you can lean on when developing your bids. 

Develop a Marketing Plan 

At Supply2Defense we have contracts in aerospace, counterterrorism, cyber security, and more. By fulfilling defense sector contracts we have been able to build our network and grow our reputation in the defense industry.

When you are placing a bid for a government contract you need to develop a marketing plan so you can best pitch your services to the government. When building out your pitch you need to do the following:

  • Showcase your familiarity with the topic
  • Define what success means to you
  • Present your plan to execute the job
  • Craft a persuasive argument 

By building out a marketing plan you can explain to the government agency why your company has the tools for success. To make a strategic marketing plan, you should use data-driven reports. You can build this by identifying current procurement trends and showcasing your skills. 

Put Your Best Foot Forward for Winning Defence Contracts 

When bidding for a defense contract, you need to show your company’s track record and issue area expertise. The defense industry is extremely profitable. With emerging technologies across the world, there is plenty of opportunity for growth.

Contact us at Supply2Defence for support as you craft a bid for a government contract. 

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Defence Sector – How Winning Defence Contracts Can Expand Your Business